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Community For Mental Wellness



Community For Mental Wellness

Gold - Exciting Prizes worth INR 10000

Mental Wellness Products & Services worth INR 5000 each from
SHOP@SOULSARA to help you be the Best Version of Yourself.

Silver - Exciting Prizes worth INR 5000
Mental Wellness Products & Services worth INR 2500 each from
SHOP@SOULSARA to support you on your journey to Mental Wellness

Bronze - Exciting Prizes worth INR 2500
Mental Wellness Products worth INR 2500 from SHOP@SOULSARA to help

you kickstart your Mental Wellness journey

4. Many more prizes to be claimed for Winners

FREE - Premium App Subscription *

SOULSARA Ambassador Benefits*

FREE International Retreat*

FREE session with Global Mentors & Guides*

* Refer T&C of the Campaign at

Top 10 Winners get

2000 Soul Points, your currency for Mental Wellness


Exclusive Group Meditation session from SHOP@SOULSARA

Feel enabled as you participate to show support with

Bonus Package worth over INR 1000 completely FREE
(FREE 30 day premium app membership , 1000 SoulPoints , Complete access to Global
community, CPI reference code and much more)

T&C - *
FREE - Premium App Subscription * - FREE 30 day premium app membership of Pcube
Wellness & Colornostics

FREE International Retreat*- The subscriber will be required to maintain the
ambassador status for three years to avail the offer for a 03 day international wellness

CPI - earn passive income *


CPI- Community Propelled Initiative

CPI is an initiative to spread awareness by means of mental wellness tools and
promote the self-help culture for mental wellness; driven by a community where
everyone looks after each other and their mental wellness. In this process, the
community empowers each other by sharing earnings with each other.

How to earn with CPI?
Earnings are in the form of – SoulPoints & Cash Money.

When you register on any product on the SOUL STUDIO Ecosystem,
you can generate your ‘Referral Code’. (This is the ‘Base Connection’ of your
Tree Network)

Use your ‘Referral Code’ to invite others to join the SOUL STUDIO

Every subscriber who joins using your ‘Referral Code, becomes a
direct ‘First Level Connection’ under your ‘Referral Code’.

Subscribers who join under the ‘First Level Connection’ (with the First
Level Connection’s ‘Referral Code’) become your ‘Second Level

Earn SoulPoints and Cash Value on the complete network activity:

SOULWALA Apps Subscriptions (Predetermined percentage of
CASH value every month)

SOULWALA App Network Activity (Predetermined percentage
of your Network’s Accumulation of SoulPoints)


SOULSARA Themes (Predetermined percentage of your
Network’s Accumulation of SoulPoints)

SHOP@SOULSARA (Predetermined percentage of Purchase
Value in SoulPoints)

*FREE 01 session year per with a member of our Board Of Advisor. The BOA member
and the duration of the session will be predetermined by the company.


What are SoulPoints?
SoulPoints (SP) are the currency for our Ecosystem. When you Interact with the products you
earn SoulPoints. These SoulPoints can be redeemed to purchase Products/ Services at
Shop@Soulsara, you will get the option to redeem SP during checkout for the products
redeemable under SoulPoints. You can CASH OUT these SP every Three months.

What are SoulPoints Levels?

When you earn and collect SoulPoints you progress on SoulPoints Roadmap to
reach various levels:


Subscriber: Starting level at 100 SP

Friend of Soulsara: After accumulating 5,000 SP

Contributor: After accumulating 10,000 SP 

Collaborator: After accumulating 25,000 SP total and after a minimum 1
year subscription 

Ambassador: After accumulating 3,750,000 SP total and after a minimum
1 year subscription 

Senior Ambassador: After 2 years, 10,000,000 SP total. 

Free Membership Subscription as long as they accumulate 20,000 SP per year. 

Grand Ambassador: After 3 years, 20,000,000 SP total. 

Free Membership Subscription as long as they accumulate 20,000 SP per year.

DYAA Terms and Conditions

Your SoulPoints Balance



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