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Community For Mental Wellness



​How does SOULSARA work?

SOULSARA is driven by addressing issues that impact our zeitgeist in a substantial way, and we apportion our efforts by choosing Nine themes for these issues. We will expand these themes further based on feedback from our community and society.

So- all content curated and posted is related to the SOULSARA themes for mind-body harmony. As a member of our community, you will be able to view the content of the Nine themes at our “Community Hall,” and from there, you can find several rooms where interactions develop around each of the Themes.

It’s a 2-way street- and you will be able to share your experiences with the community. You can also look to collaborate with the members of our community, and interact with our theme mentors who are all world-renowned experts in various healing modalities. However, it is our community members and their issues that are most important to us, and in our interactions, we contribute and benefit from each other in a judgment-free zone. And then, we have a unique rewards program where all your efforts can receive SoulPoints- that you can then collect amazing hand-crafted gifts manufactured by women owned and operated enterprises that work with organic and environmentally sustainable practices.

While you are at SOULSARA, you can also listen to our many episodes of SOUL STUDIO Podcast and get updates on live events. If you dive deeper, you can access the many blog articles that we have carefully curated and/or written with our team of experts.


​How do SoulPoints work?

They are our way of thanking you for your trust and congratulating and celebrating as we move along our paths in the community, overcome challenges, interact with each other, share and get closer, and as we go on our journeys towards balance and mind-body harmony, together.


So, by interacting with the community and using our apps, you will be able to collect SoulPoints. There are several interactions that will give you different amounts of points, like commenting or posting. You can also earn SoulPoints by completing short and extended sessions on one of SOULWALA’s Apps. Finally, you get bonus points when you opt to get an annual subscription to one of SOULWALA’s Apps, and every time you invite a friend to join the community.


When you join SOULSARA, you become a Subscriber, and as you interact with the community, and collect SoulPoints, you earn badges and start moving along your path within the community. Early on, you go from Subscriber to Friend of SOULSARA and, after that, a Contributor. As you keep sharing and collaborating, you may become a Collaborator of the community and afterward an Editor. Getting more involved in the interactions with members and theme mentors and collecting even more SoulPoints will lead you to come to be a Theme Leader. At the last level of this path, as you have become an even more influential part of the community and the SoulPoints you have collected on your journey, show that you will be an Ambassador. Simultaneously, SoulPoints can also be converted into rewards on the website, which are listed on our website. All the current rewards are created with Love and Pride by Studio Surmayi, a women-owned & operated enterprise that works with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials from Bihar, India. As our community grows, we will continue to work with such enterprises from around the world, so that we can all help each other and be there for each other in our Global Village.

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